Charity FAQ

What is Givecamp?
Givecamp is a weekend long event where software developers, designers, analysts, and project managers donate their time to create software and databases for nonprofit organizations.  Projects are sized to be completed during the course of a three day weekend.

What is the process to be a part of Givecamp?
There are two application cycles.  The first is a short form submission of the Charity description and a high-level description of the ask.  Once the list of requests is reviewed and we have selected a list of charities we feel we can help we reach out to those charities and ask them to fill out a more detailed application.  Those long-form applications are reviewed by Givecamp tech leads and they determine the work that can be completed in the 3 day weekend.

What information do I need to supply for the charity application?
Your application will be used as the blueprint for your requested project.  The more specific your application is, the easier it will be to complete your project. When preparing to complete the application here are some things to keep in mind.

  • What is the objective of the project? What problem will it solve?
  • Are you requesting a new application or an update to an existing application?
  • If it is not a new application what software was used to create your existing solution and do you have access to the original source code?
  • Will you be hosting your application or do you need a hosting service?
  • What information will you need to track?
  • Do any users have special needs?
  • Describe the ongoing needs for importing data into the system, and exporting it from the system.
  • List any reports.
  • Describe performance requirements, issues, and concerns.
  • Describe security requirements.


How involved will I have to be as a representative of the Charity prior to the event?
Prior to the event we have a kick-off and Project Manager boot camp that we ask the charities to attend.  There will also be a few phone calls between the team and the charity to answer any questions the team has in planning the delivery of the work.

How involved will I have to be as a representative of the Charity during to the event?
We ask the director or a representative from the charity be present and/or available by phone during the weekend.  This helps the team validate the work being done as it’s developed with sign-off from the charity.  Additionally, we want to ensure the charity is trained in being able to admin and make changes to the work we deliver.

What if no one from my organization can make it to the event?
It is a requirement of GiveCamp that you must have representation at the event. If someone cannot commit to attending the event your proposal will automatically be declined.

My 501(c)(3) status is pending. Will this hinder my organization from applying for GiveCamp?
In lieu of a 990, we need a projected budget with income and expense projections. Also, any financials available such as income statements, bank statements, etc. will help your case.

What types of project work can I request?
There will be many developers at the event, all with a wide range of skills. However, please try to submit only applications that you think can be completed in a weekend. If you are unsure if your ask is small enough for a weekend project, please submit it anyway and we will let you know if it fits into the scope of a weekend.

How many nonprofits can you help?
It is dependent upon the number of volunteers needed per project.  Certain asks only require small teams with partial development support while other projects require large development teams.

Can I apply to Givecamp year after year or is this a onetime option?
We try to do a number of past charities to add to existing work as well as new charities every year.