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Donate To Dallas GiveCamp

Dallas GiveCamp is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that attracts the best and brightest talent, who donate a weekend away from the friends and family to make a positive impact on our community. The funds you donate will be magnified by the value added by the hard work of the volunteer efforts of this group of highly trained information technology professionals during the GiveCamp weekend, and further magnified by the value added these applications will provide to the non-profits that work tirelessly every day of every year making a difference in our community.

“The IT support, friendships and partnerships we’ve formed as a Dallas GiveCamp recipient will continue to benefit us and the veterans we serve for years. Thanks Dallas GiveCamp!”
David Whitley

Vice-President of Veteran Affairs and Operations, Alies in Service

“Dallas GiveCamp allows us to have up-to-date, safe, secure and informative websites to help the public. For non-profits like us who have no employees, it is a great benefit.”
Jeff Morris

Founder, CareerDFW and

“Dallas GiveCamp is powerful – helping charities tell their stories through better website design. Thank you for supporting Agile For Patriots!”
Ravi Verma and Greg Gomel

Co-Founders, Agile For Patriots