Irving – The Main Place aka The Main Place

The Main Place provides new clothing and personal items for homeless teens and individuals or families who are in need. Our goals are: To provide the ultimate shopping experience To provide high quality, trendy, age appropriate, well-fitting clothing (complete with image consultant) To remove or reduce our clients financial burden (in addition to clothing, shoes, jewelry,underwear and lingerie – we also, give new blankets, pillows, towels, sheets,laundry detergent, hygiene, diapers and more) To enable clients to fit in To raise clients self esteem To show love through our service To end the cycle of despair and dispassion Our vision is to change the image our clients have of themselves so they can become who they were created to be. For the homeless teen the outcome is the confidence to focus on their education and graduate to a world of opportunities. For the domestically abused, the outcome is to rebuild their self-worth, permanently terminate the relationship with their abuser, and make a new life. For the jobless, its the confidence to locate worthy employment, and become or return to being, a contributing member of society.